Using Professional Voiceover To Improve New Media

Using Professional Voiceover To Improve New Media

Professional voiceover has never been more important, as audiences demand high quality from digital media such as e-learning videos, apps and IVR.

As attention spans decrease it’s harder than ever to grab your customer’s attention and to hold on to it. By providing content that’s high quality and engaging, professional voiceover is one way to ensure your media gets (and keeps) your audience’s attention. Here are just a few types of new media that can benefit significantly from using a professional voiceover artist and recording session.

E-learning that demands attention

A narrator is a great way to draw attention to keys points in your e-learning projects. Using voiceover in addition to text helps increase knowledge retention, making the learning experience for your customer or employee a more positive one. Voiceover allows you to expand on a topic or highlight additional information without a text-heavy presentation your audience is likely to drift off during. Start with a script that has a conversational, natural tone. Your voiceover artist will take these words and make them sound personal, but professional, guiding your audience along with their learning journey.

Apps that grab your audience

So you’ve decided your business needs an app. You’ve hired a developer and created something you’re proud of, but don’t stop there. For apps using voiceover, it’s essential the sound quality be professional if you want to get those positive user reviews. It might be the audio instruction of how to use the app, or in the case of games, the audio may require distinct character voices. Regardless of your audio need, a professional voiceover artist can bring your app to life and enhance the user’s experience, helping you get those download numbers up and five-star ratings on the App Store or Google Play.

IVRs that purr

Interactive voice response, or IVR, is “an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes call to the appropriate recipient,” according to Tech Target. When clients and potential clients call your customer service line are they met with a voice that sounds warm and welcoming or someone that sounds wooden and indifferent? It may seem a small thing, but the voice you use for your IVR can mean the difference between someone hanging up to call your competitor or staying on the line until a customer service representative can assist them.

The uses for the voiceover for digital technologies are limitless, especially with the proliferation of online and interactive media. If you need help finding how you can use professional voiceover for your new media projects, give us a call at +44 (0) 207 437 3202 or email us at