Career in Voiceover? Read this first…

Career in Voiceover? Read this first…

Could I have a career in voiceover? I mean …I’ve got a great voice, everyone says I’ve got a great voice! Only the other day I was in the greengrocers and the girl behind the till said “ooh hasn’t he got a lovely voice?” How hard can it be?

Well certainly having a great sounding voice is vitally important but unless you know how to use it, then you are not going to get very far.

Getting started in your voiceover career

career in voiceover

The majority of voiceover artists are actors or start off as actors, which is useful as you never know what’s going to be thrown at you!

Whether you’re an actor or not, you have to be able to cold read something that’s just been given to you with the right feeling and intonation.

You must also be able to take direction. A director might want something else, for example, a more animated read and you have to change gear immediately and deliver.

Do you have what it takes?

If you think, “I could easily do that”, then you need to do to present yourself to potential clients or agents. You should start by creating a Voice Reel; a recording of scripts that suit your voice and would genuinely be likely to cast you.

This involves around 10 pieces that show your range across commercials, documentaries, corporate work and the multitude of other applications that require voiceover.

Your voice reels should be recorded professionally with good sound quality, great music and sound design all edited down to a punchy 2 minute Reel of your greatest reads.

[bctt tweet=”A professional Voice Reel requires around 10 pieces that really show your range across commercials, documentaries, corporate work and the multitude of other applications.”]

Presenting your voice reel

Now, this is where the hard work starts. You need to get your reel out there on your own website or present it to potential clients and voice-over agents.

A good agent is literally worth their weight in gold. Like almost anything in life, you really need to work your corner and funnily enough, the artists who work hardest get the work.

Your first day as a voiceover artist

Then the day arrives, your first job! Make sure you get the script in advance, do your homework and give your script a good read through.

If there’s a film, watch it and find out as much as you can about the project. It’s also a good idea to research the company online.

If it’s a commercial, knowledge is power, and the better you understand what you’re talking about, the better it comes across. Get there in plenty of time, you are being paid by the minute and every minute counts.voiceover career

Rule No1, the client is always right, even when they are wrong. You are there to make their vision work and convey the message they want to get across.

Look after your client and they’ll look after you and bring you back to record more. They may even tell their friends in the business how good you are and before you know it…….

You’re working as a voice-over artist!